UC Academic Researchers are seeking to form a union to improve the AR experience at UC and increase the political voice of researchers locally and nationally.

As Academic Researchers, we play a crucial role in making the University of California one of the world’s premiere research institutions. Together, UC researchers drive the latest innovations and discoveries in areas such as biotechnology, computer science, agriculture, and green energy. We are responsible for writing grants, mentoring students and peers, and conducting independent experiments. Our work produces job creation, advances in business and technology, and improved quality of life. Annually, the UC system contributes $46.3 billion to the California economy alone.

Nonetheless, compensation and working conditions are not always commensurate with Academic Researcher contributions to the UC system. Many of us struggle with low wages in a state with one of the highest costs of living, inadequate rights and benefits for researchers with families, poor protections from discrimination and sexual harassment, a lack of affordable housing options, and a lack of job security.

UC Academic Researchers have chosen to form a union in order to increase collective strength and negotiate transparent employment policies as equals with UC administration. Beyond UC, we aim to increase the political voice of all researchers in advocating for increased research funding, fair visa and immigration policies in the US, and truly inclusive and equitable academic institutions.

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UCSF Visa & Immigration Workshop

On January 24, Academic Researchers United and the Postdoc Union co-hosted a presentation in which Stacey Gartland, an immigration attorney with Van Der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale, LLP, provided crucial information on navigating different visa processes, the permanent residency application process, and other travel and immigration-related concerns for ARs and Postdocs.

Disclaimer: the video and presentation provide general information only, not legal advice. It is recommended that you seek legal advice before taking any actions.