Friday, May 18, 2018

Dear Colleague,

While we continue to make progress towards forming a union of our own, we’re very happy to share that last Friday a majority of all Postdocs at the University of Washington voted in favor of unionization by a margin of 590-70! Over the past year a majority of UW Postdocs signed union authorization cards, filled out preliminary bargaining surveys to identify the issues most important to Postdocs and reached out to their fellow Postdocs to discuss the importance of forming a union. As of Friday, UW Postdocs have officially formed their union, and will soon elect a bargaining committee and begin negotiating a contract!

UW Postdocs celebrate their union victory!

In addition to UW, significant numbers of academic employees on the east coast are at various stages of forming union. Last month, graduate students at Harvard (HGSU-UAW) voted to unionize and are currently in the process of electing a bargaining committee for upcoming negotiations. Further graduate students at Columbia and Boston College have also voted to form unions and Postdocs at Columbia are currently in the early stages of organizing their own union.

As more academic employees across the country choose to unionize, our collective power to advocate for evidence-based public policy, support for research, and higher education increases. By joining together, unionized academic employees have already made significant impact in the areas described above, and we’re very excited to be joining in those efforts.

And as always, if you have any questions or would like to get more involved in our efforts to form a union, please contact us!

In Solidarity,

UC Berkeley
Holly Aaron, Specialist
Fred Bauman, Project Scientist
Joshua Carlson, Project Scientist
Sadie Costello, Assistant Researcher
Benjamin Croze, Junior Specialist
Vincent Guacci, Assistant Researcher
Howard Isaacson, Specialist
Bo Liu, Associate Specialist
Sa Liu, Associate Researcher
Benjamin Lynch, Associate Researcher
Isabella Rauch, Associate Specialist
Anatalia Robles, Associate Specialist
Adam Zeilinger, Associate Specialist

UC Davis
Kelsey Brewer, Assistant Specialist
Karam Kim, Project Scientist
Jennifer Phipps, Project Scientist
Sergio Silva, Junior Specialist
Vikrant Singh, Project Scientist

UC Irvine
Andrea Anzalone, Project Scientist
Guaciara M. dos Santos, Project Scientist
Rongwei Mao, Associate Specialist
Lei Shi, Project Scientist
Amanda Wortman, Specialist

Stephen Hancock Assistant Project Scientist
Christian Hofmann, Assistant Project Scientist
Laura Marinelli, Assistant Researcher
Dennis Montoya, Assistant Researcher
Christina Priest, Assistant Project Scientist
Anna Salazar, Assistant Project Scientist
Rosane Teles, Assistant Project Scientist
Paolo Zimmaro, Assistant Project Scientist

UC Merced
David Quint, Associate Project Scientist
Arianna Campiani, Assistant Specialist
Mourad Sadqi, Assistant Project Scientist

UC Riverside
Ahmed Farouk Abdalla, Assistant Project Scientist

UC San Diego
Hugo Carreira, Assistant Project Scientist
Saikat Chakraborty Thakur, Assistant Project Scientist
Ching-Wen Chang, Assistant Project Scientist
Sonia Podvin, Assistant Project Scientist
Francesca Soncin, Assistant Project Scientist.
Hye-Won Song, Assistant Project Scientist
Thomas Touboul, Assistant Project Scientist
Jonathan Yu, Associate Project Scientist
Chun Zheng, Assistant Project Scientist

UC San Francisco
Luke Bonser, Assistant Researcher
Jesse Elias, Assistant Specialist
Sahar Houshdaran, Specialist
Maria Luisa Mandelli, Assistant Researcher
Mary McMahon, Associate Specialist
Nicole Nasholm, Associate Specialist
Ajay Ravindranathan, Specialist
Veronica Steri, Associate Specialist
Cassandra Van, Assistant Specialist
Tanner Wakefield, Assistant Specialist

UC Santa Barbara
Evangeline Ballerini, Associate Specialist

UC Santa Cruz
Sergio Covarrubias, Associate Specialist
Paul Mattern, Assistant Researcher
Lisa Schwarz, Assistant Researcher
Stella Villegas, Assistant Project Scientist