Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dear Colleague,

What are the issues facing researchers, and how can we work together to fix them? On May 31, join Academic Researchers United and the Postdoc Union for “Organizing the Future of Research”, an event about improving research careers featuring Gary McDowell, the Executive Director of Future of Research. This event will be held at UC Berkeley and will be livestreamed on the Facebook event page, hosted by UAW 5810.

Organizing the Future of Research featuring Gary McDowell
When: May 31 from 12pm-1:30pm
Where: Livestream via Facebook event or UC Berkeley, 177 Stanley Hall

Gary will present results from the Next Generation Researchers Initiative, a Congressionally-mandated committee that has examined how to create viable and sustainable career paths for scientists. Postdocs and Academic Researchers from UC Berkeley and LBL will also speak about how they are taking collective action to make improvements.

Please join us either in person or virtually on May 31! And If you are interested in more events like this, have a question, or would like to help with our efforts to form a union, please contact us and be sure to like and share our Facebook page

In Solidarity,

UC Berkeley Academic Researchers
Holly Aaron, Specialist
Fred Bauman, Project Scientist
Sadie Costello, Assistant Researcher
Benjamin Croze, Junior Specialist
Vincent Guacci, Assistant Researcher
Howard Isaacson, Specialist
Bo Liu, Associate Specialist
Sa Liu, Associate Researcher
Benjamin Lynch, Associate Researcher
Isabella Rauch, Associate Specialist
Anatalia Robles, Associate Specialist
Adam Zeilinger, Associate Specialist