Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Dear Colleague,

My name is Christina Priest and I am a Project Scientist researching molecular mechanisms of metabolism at UCLA. I am also one of many researchers that have been working to form a union of Academic Researchers (ARs) so that Project Scientists, Professional Researchers and Specialists can have a stronger voice in UC’s decision making process. Thousands of ARs have signed cards to authorize forming our union, and we are very close to majority support across the state. If you haven’t filled out an authorization card to support forming a union, can you please take a moment to reply to this email.

At a fundamental level, forming a union gives us the power to negotiate for rights and benefits on equal footing with university management. For me, fair compensation, benefits that help support working families, and job security are major issues. UC brings in a whopping $6 billion in research funding annually, and over the course of a career, just one AR can be responsible for bringing in millions of dollars in research funding. Yet far too many of us receive salaries well below the value we bring to the university, struggle with the costs of health care, child care, and housing, and/or suffer from the uncertainty of working on soft money without institutional support when we are in between grants. I believe strongly that these issues can only be addressed through the power of collective bargaining; we are stronger together!

Please take a moment to provide feedback on what is important (or unimportant) to you by filling out our bargaining survey . Also
please check out Frequently Asked Questions, AR Working Conditions Comparison chart and more at our website. Lastly, if you’ve not yet filled out an authorization card or are aware of a colleague who has not yet filled out a card, please reply to this email now!

Your voice counts! Even if you’re leaving or retiring soon, you can leave UC a better place for researchers after you.