Bargaining team members prepping for Monday’s meeting with UC.

Bargaining has (informally) begun! At this informal meeting we discussed a number of topics including:

  • Dates and locations for upcoming bargaining sessions – The next two sessions will be UCLA on May 14, and May 29-30 at Davis, with more planned for June 10-11 and 27-28 and July 11-12 and 22-23.
  • Bargaining ground rules – We reached agreement on ground rules for the bargaining sessions, which included formalizing our bargaining’s team’s right to communicate with all ARs about what transpires throughout the bargaining process.
  • Request for Information – We have formally requested data critical to informing our upcoming proposal including statistical summaries about AR working conditions. It is UC’s legal obligation to provide us this information in a timely manner and we expect them to do so.

With many of the procedural elements now resolved after today’s session and bargaining dates on the calendar, Academic Researchers’ fight for a fair contract is in full swing! Between now and our first formal bargaining session on May 14, the bargaining team will be hard at work examining existing policies to see if any can be codified into contract language, as well as developing specific bargaining proposals in line with our Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810 Initial Bargaining Demands. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, contact us at