We were excited to start bargaining the first-ever Academic Researcher contract yesterday at UCLA! In the morning our team outlined the issues we aim to improve including a clear path for career advancement, job security protections, equity and inclusion policies, support for independent researchers, and fair pay and benefits. It was a powerful presentation that emphasized why, as bargaining team member Jocelyne Fadiga wrote earlier this week, we believe that addressing these issues will drastically improve the quality of research at UC.

ARU / UAW 5810 bargaining team members during the afternoon caucus.

In the afternoon, we delivered a package of seventeen proposals, including Nondiscrimination, Health and Safety, Personnel Files, Reasonable Accommodation, Work Authorization, Work-Incurred Injury and Illness, and several others. UC’s representatives did not offer many substative responses, except to say that ARs should not have the same type of protections against sexual harassment and discrimination won by Postdocs. We were shocked and surprised by this. We did reach tentative agreements on two proposals (Severability and Labor Management Meetings), which is a good start.

You can read all the proposals from today’s session here and more information about bargaining here. We will be bargaining next at UC Davis on May 29-30. Please fill out our career advancement survey, and if you have any questions about bargaining or would like to get more involved, please email arunited@academicresearchersunited.org.