Hello from swelteringly hot UC Berkeley! On Monday we passed an economic package proposal that included Promotions and Pay Step Increases, Compensation, Benefits, and Titles and Classifications. In framing these crucial issues, we spoke about the numerous problems ARs encounter with UC’s current merit increase and promotion process as identified through our promotion and appointments survey, and how pay for ARs at UC lags behind other similar institutions.

Yesterday, the ARU / UAW 5810 bargaining team and fellow UC Berkeley ARs met for an in-person bargaining update.

We proposed improvements to merit increases and promotions that would make the system more fair, timely, and transparent, and for compensation, we proposed a framework to make AR salaries competitive with UC’s peer institutions. These proposals are critical in creating viable and sustainable career paths for all ARs, as described in bargaining team member Ben Lynch’s op-ed, which you can read here.

Bargaining team members prepare to return to the bargaining room.

We reached tentative agreement with UC on two articles: Corrective Action and Dismissal, which will protect all ARs from unjust discipline or termination, and Personnel Files, which enshrines our rights to access all University files pertaining to our employment. This brings our total number of agreed-upon articles to eight – a sizeable number for only three bargaining sessions. You can read all proposals for ARU / UAW 5810 and UC here. Our next bargaining session will be June 27-28 at UC Riverside.