Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dear Colleague,

Yesterday, UC Berkeley ARs rallied at UCB’s California Hall to demand that UC Administration negotiate a fair contract now! We were joined in solidarity by our Postdoc and Academic Student Worker colleagues in a display of academic employee solidarity and power.

UC Berkeley Academic Researchers, Postdocs and Academic Student Workers at the conclusion of the rally.

Berkeley ARs’ message to the administration was clear: a fair contract can’t wait. Change is needed now to create more sustainable career paths and equitable workplaces for researchers. Holly Aaron, who runs UC Berkeley’s Molecular Imaging Center, spoke about her and other ARs’ challenges with job security and career advancement, while Bo Tan elaborated on how these same issues, along with a lack of protection from bullying and no UC support for permanent residency, are especially impactful for international researchers. Kavitha Iyengar, law student and President of the UC Student Workers Union (UAW 2865), also spoke about how through working together ARs, Postdocs, and Teaching Assistants can build a better and more equitable UC.

UC Berkeley ARs Bo Tan and Holly Aaron, and Postdoc Aman Gill addressing the crowd.

As bargaining continues today and tomorrow at UC Riverside, we are thrilled by yesterday’s display of academic employee power. We have already made progress at the bargaining table and will continue to do so. But there is no question that our ability as a union to win improvements is dependent on our capacity for collective action across the state. Yesterday was a great start!

In solidarity,

Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810 Bargaining Team

Andrea Anzalone, Project Scientist, UC Irvine
Gerard Ariño Estrada, Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis
Angelo Demuro, Associate Researcher, UC Irvine
Silvia Diaz-Perez, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA
Patrick Drake, Specialist, UC Santa Cruz
Jocelyne Fadiga, Junior Specialist, UC San Francisco
Mateusz Gola, Assistant Researcher, UC San Diego
Royce Harner, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Leah Hartman, Junior Specialist, UC Davis
Christian Hofmann, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
Benjamin Lynch, Associate Researcher, UC Berkeley
Siyan Ma, Associate Specialist, UC Berkeley
Manash Paul, Assistant Researcher, UCLA
Christina Priest, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
David Quint, Associate Project Scientist, UC Merced
Michael Rich, Researcher, UCLA
Maike Roth, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Assistant Researcher, UC Berkeley
Lisa Schwarz, Assistant Researcher, UC Santa Cruz
Margaret Soucheray, Associate Specialist, UC San Francisco
Theo Tarver, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Fenfen Wu, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA