After a great display of Academic Researcher collective action at UC Berkeley on Wednesday, bargaining resumed at UC Riverside on Thursday and Friday. We continued to make progress – reaching tentative agreement on five additional articles – though there remain a host of critical areas in which we are waiting for responses from UC’s bargaining team.

Members of the ARU / UAW 5810 bargaining team prep for bargaining session #4 at UC Riverside.

On Thursday, the ARU / UAW 5810 bargaining team presented counter-proposals on Non-Discrimination, and Grievance and Arbitration. Our Non-Discrimination language is designed to truly address sexual harassment and discrimination by requiring interim measures and enforceable timelines that encourage survivors to come forward. UC has agreed in the past to similar contract language that covers over 25,000 Postdocs and Academic Student Employees, but has not yet accepted it for ARs. For Grievance and Arbitration, the team proposed steps to streamline the grievance process in order to resolve issues fairly and quickly. UC did not have responses to either of these articles and has yet to make proposals on many major issues including Compensation, Bridge Funding, Childcare, and Promotions/Pay Step Increases.

On Friday, we reached agreement on Training, Travel Reimbursement, Parking and Transit, Sick Leave, and Vacation. This brings our total number of tentative agreements to 13! And we also agreed to add two sets of bargaining dates in September. You can read all the proposals and tentative agreements here. Our next bargaining session is July 11-12 at UC San Francisco.