On Thursday, as bargaining continued at UCSF, around 100 Academic Researchers and Postdocs dropped by UCSD Chancellor Khosla’s office hours to deliver a message that researchers need job security and clear career paths. Chancellor Khosla stepped out to meet with the delegation and discussed many of the objectives we have at the bargaining table and challenges to AR careers. He was surprised to learn that ARs don’t have paid parental leave.

UCSD ARs and Postdocs marching to their Chancellor’s Office last Thursday.

Meanwhile, in bargaining, we exchanged proposals on Health and Safety, Grievance and Arbitration, Appointments, Management and Academic Rights, Time and Effort Commitment, Union Access and Rights, Union Security, Waiver, and Past Practices. Although there was progress in a number of areas, we did not reach any tentative agreements.

On Non-Discrimination, UC still refuses to agree to the same strong protections against sexual harassment and discrimination that are currently in place for Postdocs. Under UC’s proposal, investigations could drag on indefinitely and there are no guaranteed protections for harassment survivors who report, such as interim measures. Both of these would discourage reporting and are unacceptable.

We also asked UC for a response to our proposal on Compensation that we passed over a month ago on June 10. UC said they did not have a response but that they would “talk about it”. We also reiterated that UC’s refusal to provide a July 1 salary increases to ARs in our bargaining unit violates California labor law.

ARs meeting with Chancellor Khosla to discuss why sustainable careers will produce better research.

The next bargaining session will be July 22 – 23 at UC Irvine. Check out all the bargaining updates, proposals, Op-eds, and other info in the bargaining section of the ARU / UAW 5810 website, and please reach out if you have any questions!