Last Thursday and Friday, we had our seventh bargaining session at UCLA. We exchanged proposals on Nondiscrimination, Leaves of Absence, Layoff, Reduction in Time and Non-reappointment, Management and Academic Rights, Grievance and Arbitration Procedures, Waiver, and Union Access and Rights, however, we did not reach tentative agreement on any article. We did see positive movement from UC administration on Nondiscrimination, specifically with regard to providing interim measures that will allow survivors to continue to pursue their research while an investigation is ongoing.

ARU/UAW 5810 Bargaining Team Members getting fired up for the afternoon session on Thursday.

Very troubling was the University’s counter-proposal on Leaves of Absence, which included no paid parental leave. UC’s team explained that paid leave is not necessary as “ARs already accrue sick days and vacation days.” This is unacceptable — tens of thousands of our colleagues (UC Postdocs, Academic Student Employees and faculty) already have paid parental leave, which promotes gender equity in academia.

Additionally, after nearly a year of delays since we filed to form a union, UC has still not made a counter-proposal on Compensation while continuing to withhold July 1 pay-scale adjustments. We must continue to keep up the pressure on UC — both at and away from the bargaining table — to negotiate a fair contract. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to help!