Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dear Colleague,

Sign the Petition to End UC’s Bargaining Delays
Across the state, Academic Researchers (Project Scientists, Specialists, Professional Researchers and CPPs) are putting UC on notice that we won’t accept delays to the bargaining process. Will you join your colleagues today by adding your name to the ARU petition to demand that UC stop the delays and negotiate a fair contract now?

Yesterday, UCLA ARs marched to their Admin building to deliver the message that UC must bargain a fair contract now!

Working conditions such as fair pay, job security, workplace equity, promotion transparency, and bridge funding will benefit UC as well. By creating a more secure workplace, UC can drastically improve the quality of research. Adding your name to the petition only takes a minute, but the power of ARs speaking with one voice is critical to moving the process forward. Please click here to sign the petition now!

UCLA ARs Demand a Fair Contract Now!
Yesterday afternoon, UCLA Academic Researchers marched to Murphy Hall (the UCLA admin building) to demand that UC negotiate a fair contract to improve UC research!

UCLA ARs Christina Priest and Fenfen Wu speak to the crowd at the rally.

UCLA Assistant Project Scientist and ARU Bargaining Team members Christina Priest and Fenfen Wu spoke to the crowd about the need to achieve fair pay, sustainable careers, and more inclusive workplaces in contract negotiations. Fenfen also spoke about how improvements to UC policies are especially important for international researchers, who are greatly affected by short appointment lengths (which lead to short visas) and bureaucratic errors by UC during the visa renewal process. ARs were also joined in solidarity by Postdocs, Academic Student Employees and other members of the academic community.

Get Involved
For more info, check out the bargaining section of the website, as well as like and follow ARU on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’ve not yet done so, please take a moment to sign the petition and help end the bargaining delays today!

Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810 Bargaining Team

Andrea Anzalone, Project Scientist, UC Irvine
Gerard Ariño Estrada, Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis
Angelo Demuro, Researcher, UC Irvine
Silvia Diaz-Perez, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA
Patrick Drake, Specialist, UC Santa Cruz
Jocelyne Fadiga, Junior Specialist, UC San Francisco
Mateusz Gola, Associate Researcher, UC San Diego
Royce Harner, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Leah Hartman, Junior Specialist, UC Davis
Christian Hofmann, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
Benjamin Lynch, Associate Researcher, UC Berkeley
Siyan Ma, Associate Specialist, UC Berkeley
Manash Paul, Assistant Researcher, UCLA
Christina Priest, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
David Quint, Associate Project Scientist, UC Merced
Michael Rich, Researcher, UCLA
Maike Roth, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Assistant Researcher, UC Berkeley
Lisa Schwarz, Assistant Researcher, UC Santa Cruz
Margaret Soucheray, Associate Specialist, UC San Francisco
Theo Tarver, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Fenfen Wu, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA