We discussed and made some progress on several items, but perhaps most significant is that UC made their first proposals on Benefits and Compensation. The Compensation proposal includes a 3% increase to salary scales in 2019 and a 2% increase in subsequent years, which UC administration described as “generous.” This proposal grossly undervalues the contributions of Academic Researchers and the role we play in UC’s research mission; however, it is helpful to have UC’s initial position made clear.

AR Bargaining Team members and fellow UCSD ARs gathered for lunch on Monday to debrief the morning session.

Other noteworthy items from bargaining session 8 include:

  • We made more progress this session on Nondiscrimination contract language, which will provide strong protections to survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or discrimination, but have not yet reached tentative agreement.
  • We responded to UC’s proposal on Leaves, which included no paid parental leave, by discussing the challenges new AR parents face and sharing studies with UC administration that show paid parental leave actually increases workplace productivity and has a negligible cost to the employer.
  • We made an updated proposal on Abusive Conduct and Microaggressions and shared concrete examples of how UC’s current policies for addressing bullying are woefully inadequate.
  • UC made proposals for the Specialist and Professional Researcher title series. Both of these proposals simply codified existing UC policies for these title series, without addressing any ongoing issues with fair and transparent career advancement or job security.
  • We also exchanged proposals and made progress on Union Security, and Grievance and Arbitration, in which UC agreed to provisions that help ensure international researchers facing termination receive full due process rights.