ARs Deliver Majority Bargaining Petition to UC Admins
Thousands of Academic Researchers (a majority of the almost 5,000 ARs at UC) have added their name to a petition calling on UC to end delays and bargain a fair contract! This week across the state, delegations of ARs delivered the petition to UC Chancellors and Vice Chancellors at all 10 campuses. Check out this great article on the delegations from the Daily Bruin here!

The UC Davis delegation after delivering their petition last Wednesday.

On September 28, it will be one year since a supermajority of ARs first filed a petition to form a union. That is more than enough time to bargain a fair contract. We are hopeful that the message of this petition – that ARs need a fair contract that addresses issues like equity and inclusion, career advancement, job security, and wages – will push UC to get serious at the bargaining table, but are preparing to take further action if they do not.

Update: Bargaining Session #9 at UCSC
On Thursday and Friday last week, Academic Researchers had our ninth bargaining session at UC Santa Cruz. We reached tentative agreements with UC on 4 articles; Past Practices, Waiver, Management and Academic Rights, and Union Access and Rights, and made new proposals on a host of other topics such as Grievance and Arbitration, Compensation, Bridge Funding, Nondiscrimination, Benefits and Retirement Plans, Appointments, and Merit Increase and Promotion. While there is much work to be done, we made significant strides this week – no doubt thanks to the continued participation of thousands of ARs.

As a reminder, you can see all of the proposals and tentative agreements on the ARU website, and you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or feedback.