Friday, October 25, 2019

Dear Colleague,

After almost a week of marathon bargaining sessions, we’ve reached the proposed terms of the first-ever Academic Researcher collective bargaining agreement with UC!!!!! To finalize the agreement, the University needs to seek authorization from their Executive leadership, which should happen on 10/31.

ARU Bargaining Team Members celebrating reaching tentative agreement!

The proposed terms include:

  • Salary scale increases of 4%-7% percent on January 1, 2020, additional increases of 3-5% on July 1, 2020
  • Total salary scale increases over the life of the contract of 14%-24%
  • Increased job security: Longer appointments, layoff protections, and protection from unfair termination
  • Provisions to ensure all ARs receive merit increases and promotions on time
  • Locked in employee contribution rates to UC retirement plans
  • Strong protections against discrimination and harassment
  • More flexible and guaranteed leaves of absence for all Academic Researchers
  • Commitment from UC to work together to identify a funding source for bridge funding
  • Successor contract negotiations in 2022 will take place at the same time as 19,000 UC Academic Student Employees, increasing bargaining power for both
  • Click here to read the agreements

Next week we will be holding meetings at every campus to discuss the agreement and next steps. Details are below. All ARs are invited, and we hope to see you there! Once UC’s Executive Leadership authorizes the agreement, Academic Researchers will vote on whether to ratify the agreement. Details about this ratification vote are forthcoming.

UC Berkeley October 29: Mulford 103 @12pm
UC Davis October 28: Life Sciences 1020 @12pm
UC Irvine October 30: Sprague Hall 205 @4pm
UCLA October 29: Biomedical Sciences Research Building (BSRB) 154 @12pm
UC Merced October 31: S&E 1, Room 300 @12pm
UC Riverside October 31: Location TBD @11am
UC San Diego October 30: Center for Neural Circuits Behavior- Large Conference Room (next to main entrance) @12pm
UCSF Mission Bay – October 29: Rock Hall, Room 302 @9am

Parnassus – October 31: Library, Room CL-223 @9am

UC Santa Barbara October 31: Bren Hall, Room 4016 @12pm
UC Santa Cruz October 30: Sinsheimer Labs 101 @1pm

In solidarity,

Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810 Bargaining Team

Andrea Anzalone, Project Scientist, UC Irvine
Gerard Ariño Estrada, Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis
Angelo Demuro, Researcher, UC Irvine
Silvia Diaz-Perez, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA
Patrick Drake, Specialist, UC Santa Cruz
Mateusz Gola, Associate Researcher, UC San Diego
Royce Harner, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Christian Hofmann, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
Benjamin Lynch, Associate Researcher, UC Berkeley
Siyan Ma, Associate Specialist, UC Berkeley
Manash Paul, Project Scientist, UCLA
Christina Priest, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
David Quint, Associate Project Scientist, UC Merced
Michael Rich, Researcher, UCLA
Maike Roth, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Assistant Researcher, UC Berkeley
Lisa Schwarz, Assistant Researcher, UC Santa Cruz
Margaret Soucheray, Associate Specialist, UC San Francisco
Theo Tarver, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Fenfen Wu, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA