Friday, November 1, 2019

Dear Colleague,

We have officially reached tentative agreement with UC on the first-ever Academic Researcher Union contract! This agreement is the culmination of years of hard work and advocacy by thousands of Academic Researchers across the state. But the contract is not official until it is ratified by a vote of Academic Researchers—Project Scientists, Professional Researchers, Specialists, and Coordinators of Public Programs.

ARU Bargaining Team members after reaching a proposed agreement with UC last Friday.

The vote begins now and will continue through Friday, November 8 at 3 PM. In our capacity as your Academic Researcher Bargaining Team, we strongly encourage a “Yes” vote.

This contract is a huge step forward that significantly improves our working conditions, including:

  • Pay increases for all Academic Researchers of 7-12% during the first year and 14-24% over the full 3-year contract,
  • Longer appointments — 2-3 year appointments after the first merit review,
  • A more fair and transparent process for merit increases and promotions,
  • Secure retirement plans with no increases to employee contribution rates,
  • Stronger protections against discrimination and sexual harassment,
  • And many more new rights and benefits.

You can read a summary of the contract here, a salary explainer here, a comparison of before and after the contract here, and the full agreement here. There will be contract information meetings next week at all campuses. Details for those meetings are below.

After you vote, you will have an opportunity to sign up to be a UAW 5810 member. Academic Researchers’ ability to enforce the rights and protections we have won, and win even more improvements in the future, depends on all of us becoming Union members. Join us in signing up!

Please take a moment to click here and vote now!

Contract Information Meeting Details

UC Berkeley Nov. 5: Mulford 103 @12pm
UC Davis Nov. 5: Life Sciences 1020 @11am
UC Irvine Nov. 5: Natural Sciences 2, Room 4206 @12:30pm
UCLA Nov. 6: BSRB 154 @12pm
UC Merced Anyone interested is welcome to call into the UCD Meeting. Reply to this email for details.
UC Riverside Nov. 7: Batchelor Hall 2153 @12pm
UC San Diego Nov. 5: Price Center West, Marshall Room (2nd floor above subway) @11:30am
UCSF Mission Bay: Nov. 5 – Mission Hall, room 1106 @12pm

Parnassus: Nov. 7 – Nursing Building, room 527 @12pm

UC Santa Barbara Nov. 5: Bren Hall 4016 @12pm
UC Santa Cruz Nov. 6: Sinsheimer Labs, room 101 @12pm

Thank you for your support!

Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810 Bargaining Team

Andrea Anzalone, Project Scientist, UC Irvine
Gerard Ariño Estrada, Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis
Angelo Demuro, Researcher, UC Irvine
Silvia Diaz-Perez, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA
Patrick Drake, Specialist, UC Santa Cruz
Mateusz Gola, Associate Researcher, UC San Diego
Royce Harner, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Christian Hofmann, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
Benjamin Lynch, Associate Researcher, UC Berkeley
Siyan Ma, Associate Specialist, UC Berkeley
Manash Paul, Project Scientist, UCLA
Christina Priest, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
David Quint, Associate Project Scientist, UC Merced
Michael Rich, Researcher, UCLA
Maike Roth, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Assistant Researcher, UC Berkeley
Lisa Schwarz, Assistant Researcher, UC Santa Cruz
Margaret Soucheray, Associate Specialist, UC San Francisco
Theo Tarver, Assistant Specialist, UC San Francisco
Fenfen Wu, Associate Project Scientist, UCLA