As the union of almost 5,000 Academic Researchers (ARs) at UC, our goal is to win working conditions that reflect our value to the University. Through bargaining a first-ever Academic Researcher union contract that provides sustainable career paths for all ARs, we aim to significantly improve the face of research at UC and beyond for years to come.

Please take a few minutes to meet the ARU / UAW 5810 Bargaining Team, get the latest bargaining updates, read ARU / UAW 5810 and UC’s bargaining proposals and provide bargaining feedback.

And read on for the current bargaining schedule as well as background on ARU / UAW 5810 and the bargaining process.

Members of the ARU / UAW 5810 bargaining team at the first bargaining session at UCLA on May 14.

Bargaining Schedule
May 14 (UCLA)
May 29-30 (UC Davis)
June 10-11 (UC Berkeley)
June 27-28 (UC Riverside)
July 11-12 (UC San Francisco)
July 22-23 (UC Irvine)
August 1-2 (UCLA)
August 12-13 (UC San Diego)
September 12-13 (UC Santa Cruz)
September 23-25 (UC Office of the President – Oakland)
October 10-11 (UC Irvine)
October 22-25 (UC Office of the President – Oakland)

In September of 2018, a majority of all UC Academic Researchers — Project Scientists, Researchers, Specialists, and Coordinators of Public Programs — elected to form our union, Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810.

Over the past six months, thousands of Academic Researchers (ARs) have made their priorities known through in-person conversations, general meetings and filling out the ARU / UAW 5810 bargaining survey. A majority of ARs then endorsed the ARU / UAW 5810 Initial Bargaining Demands, and as a result of majority collective action and support from both state and federal elected officials, we successfully pressured UC to agree to drop its objections and voluntarily recognize our union. Now it’s time to begin collectively bargaining our first UC Academic Researcher Union Contract!

What is a Union Contract?
A union contract defines all terms and conditions of employment. One good example of what a contract for academic employees could look like is the most recent Postdoc Union contract.

Bargaining a Union Contract
Collective bargaining is a process, recognized and protected by state law, that equalizes the power relationship between employees and their employer. ARs have elected a bargaining team to represent us as the bargaining table with the UC administration.

Our bargaining team will meet with UC representatives over the next few months to negotiate the terms of a contract. Throughout the process, the bargaining team will provide frequent and regular updates on the state of negotiations via email, social media and campus meetings. Once the ARU / UAW 5810 and UC bargaining teams have reached tentative agreement on a proposed contract, all ARs will then be asked to vote on whether or not to approve the tentative agreement. If approved by a majority of ARs, the tentative agreement becomes a legally-binding contract.

Academic Researcher Involvement is Critical
Similarly to how AR collective action forced UC to drop its objections to our union, AR involvement is the key to winning a strong contract. If you have any questions, feedback and/or would like to get more involved with contract bargaining, please fill out this form.